10.20 Human Toys Japan tour in 小倉

Garage Punk meets Electronic Beats!フランスはパリより、チープな打ち込みパンクビート&ギターにテルミンが印象的なモンドパンクDUO、Human Toys登場!!!

” Human Toys Japan tour in 小倉”

2019.10.20(sun) 19:30open-20:00start / @MEGAHERTZ

TICKET(+1 ORDER): AD/¥1500 DR/¥2000

●出演: Human Toys(from フランス) / 恥骨 / no-ele 他


●HUMAN TOYS (フランス)

[ex The Mr T Experience, ザ・ミスター・ティー・エクスペリエンス, Rip Offs, ザ・リップ・オフス, Jon and the Vons, ジョン・アンド・ザ・ボンズ)

Human Toys is a collision of raw rock’n roll sound and electronic beats.

Poupée Mecanik (vocals, theremin) has a penchant for playing with female archetypes : subversion is the name of the game, flavoured with a generous dose of irony.

New guitarist Jon Von adds the punk energy of the Rip Offs ; the band has never been so wild !

This duo navigates the mad road through a garage punk musical landscape, illuminated by the flickering incandescence of sexploitation films.